Overcome Dental Anxiety with IV Sedation Dentistry

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If you fear the dentist, you’re not alone. As many as 50% of U.S adults avoid the dentist out of fear. For patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety, sedation is the best option.

Sedation dentistry is beneficial not only for those patients with dental anxiety and pain issues, but also for those who require multiple procedures, and those with special needs. While many offices provide Sedation Dentistry, it’s typically oral sedation administered by a dentist or nurse anesthetist.

We offer IV Sedation using a board certified anesthesiologist. Patients can avoid multiple appointments and several days of dental anxiety and pain by scheduling one appointment for treatment of multiple procedures. This reduces the total amount of pain, and allows us to provide a beautiful, healthy smile, usually in one day.

Our board certified anesthesiologist is the same anesthesiologist you’d find in a hospital operating room. These procedures are carried out in the comfort of our office in Laguna Niguel with both the dentist and the anesthesiologist at your side.

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Patient Testimonial:

Busy Mom Finds Time

“I don’t like the process of being in the chair. Numbing doesn’t work well for me so I’m reluctant. And I’ve got 2 small kids, I couldn’t manage all the visits. With traditional treatment, it would have taken months, not to mention the stress that would have come along with it. With sedation, I was there for 8 or 9 hours straight and the best thing is that I wasn’t aware of or feeling any pain or anxiety. It was actually restful and peaceful.”

Rene, Coto de Caza, CA

Patients with Disabilities

“I was in getting my teeth cleaned and I’d men-tioned that my 25 year-old son, who has cerebral palsy, was in need of some dental work. Until then, we couldn’t find anyone who’d take a look inside his mouth. We suspected he had some cavities and thought his wisdom teeth were in need of some care as well because he hadn’t been to the dentist in some time. Because of his special needs, it’s difficult to get anything done for him. Dr. Michelle mentioned that we could use sedation. They explained everything and told us exactly what to expect. The whole procedure was maybe 3 or 4 hours in total and they pulled a couple of wisdom teeth and took care of 4 or 5 cavities at the same time. For anyone that has a handicapped individual that they care for, the Eng’s are there to help and gave us piece of mind.”

Ron, Karen and Michael, Laguna Niguel, CA